Mike McCarthy was not interested in the conversation, just improved from Packers’ D

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Don’t get Mike McCarthy wrong, he loves Mike Daniels and the passion he brings to the Green Bay Packers.

But McCarthy didn’t sound all that interested in any talk of the defense trying to be more like the Seattle Seahawks in terms of their attitude — something Daniels suggested might help the Packers.

“Attitude, confidence, obviously approach — every unit of football needs that,” McCarthy said Monday. “We don’t need to be like any other team; we need to focus on the best Green Bay Packers defense with the proper attitude, energy, focus and so forth. You know comparables, I’m not into.

Mike McCarthy wants his defense to have attitude, energy and tenacity.

Mike McCarthy wants his defense to have attitude, energy and tenacity.

“Seattle has an excellent defense, and they’ve played great defense in this league for quite some time. So we need to take a big step in that area.”

Daniels, the sixth-year pro, has become one of the Packers’ leaders on defense. It’s a role he has embraced as his career has progressed, and McCarthy said he loves the energy he brings.

“Oh yeah absolutely; how could you not?” McCarthy said. “Absolutely, Mike’s got incredible energy, incredible passion for the game of football. He’s not only into the game, he’s into his teammates, so he dives into the team concept. He’s exactly what you’re looking for.”

Still, McCarthy seems more interested in what has happened on the field than what has been said in the locker room or on social media. It has been a spirited start to camp so far. There already have been a few scuffles and a few hard hits, and the pads have been on for only two practices.

“I was more focused on the guy that wasn’t saying anything,” McCarthy said. “I think when guys do say something, how they say it, when they say it, there’s a place for verbal interaction or excitement or energy, definitely it’s part of it.

“But that’s not going to make you a good defense. I mean we jump up and down, scream and yell and say a bunch of bad words, I mean it’s really what goes into it. They can scream and yell, they can not say anything, but when they cross the line it needs to show in our action and the tenacity in what they’re doing to the other guy.”

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