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He was born and raised in Chicago, so it hurt when the Bulls traded him to New York. He will miss his friends and family, especially his young son he will be away from more now.

But after a couple of days, Rose(Derrick Rose Jersey) is embracing change.

“I feel like something special is going to happen,” Rose said. “I really don’t know what, I just feel like something special.”

The Bulls traded the former MVP and No. 1 overall pick to the Knicks on Wednesday, with center Robin Lopez and point guards Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant going to Chicago. Rose was introduced at a press conference at Madison Square Garden on Friday, still adjusting to his new life.

“It still don’t feel real,” Rose said. “Driving in and just seeing my name on the billboard, or seeing my picture on the billboard or on the screen outside of the building, kind of blew me away a little bit. It probably really won’t hit me until I step on the floor and actually have a jersey on.”

The new jersey will have a new number, as he’s switching from the No. 1 he wore in his eight years with the Bulls to No. 25. That was his number at Simeon High School, which the best player traditionally wore in honor of star player Benji Wilson, who was murdered in 1984 before what would have been his senior season.

Rose said that switch was “all for Chicago.”

“It groomed me into the man I am right now and I know there’s a lot of people back home that’s very surprised at this move. So I’m not forgetting about them, we’re just taking this to New York,” Rose said.

He played at MSG in high school and remembers thinking New York was much faster than Chicago. Now he’s looking forward to being here, writing an online article Friday for The Cycle titled “I’m Ready for New York .”

He said during his press conference, with Spike Lee sitting near the front, that he held no grudge toward the Bulls for trading him.

“I don’t know why I was traded but I would like to tell them thank you,” he said. Asked to elaborate, Rose added: “I mean, giving me another start, I’m grateful to be where I’m at.”

Rose played in 66 games last season, his most in five years, and while his 16.4 points per game was far below his pre-injuries output, he fits a need on a Knicks team looking to pick up the pace under new coach Jeff Hornacek.

“We felt the need to have a decisive, attack guard,” Knicks president of basketball operations Phil Jackson said Thursday before the draft.

Rose enters the final year of his contract as something of a question mark, multiple knee injuries keeping him off the court for long stretches – or even entire seasons – since he was the NBA’s MVP in 2011. But Rose felt he had “a hell of a year coming off three injuries,” believing he will be even better as he enters a summer injury-free and allowing him to focus on basketball for perhaps the first time since he first tore his ACL in the 2012 playoffs.

“I feel like I’m great right now,” Rose said. “Where I came from as far as like getting through my rehabs and just having the opportunity to just play basketball, I feel like that’s the only thing I was missing these last couple of years was my rhythm,” Rose said, adding he’s working out six days a week in Los Angeles.

“I felt like my body held up and this summer it’s all about conditioning and catching that rhythm again.”

He’s eager to play with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis.

Then next year, Rose will have to think of his own future. He said the warm welcome he’s received makes him think he’d like to spend the rest of his career in New York, but he knows this is a business. So for now, his only focus is on making the postseason after the Bulls missed out in a disappointing season.

“I guess we’ll have to see how this one year goes, but I’m putting my all into this,” Rose said. “I’ve been working my butt off as far as my work ethic and we will have to see.”

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OAKLAND, Calif. — Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala(Andre Iguodala Jersey) says he plans to play Game 7 of the NBA Finals despite a balky back that limited him the previous game.

Iguodala took part in a brief walk-through Saturday and got treatment while the Warriors held a light practice ahead of Sunday’s final game of the season against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Iguodala played 30 minutes in Game 6 on Thursday night, but he had to spend some time in the locker room getting treatment after his back “locked up.” He said the injury stemmed from the long flight and the heavy workload he has had in the playoffs.

Iguodala says he plans to spend the time before Game 7 getting treatment, watching U.S. Open golf and watching the final episode of “The Sopranos.”

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Will Reigel couldn’t believe his horrible luck. Of all the people he could bump into while touring Davidson College, it had to be the one guy he really couldn’t stand? It had to be Stephen Curry(Stephen Curry Jersey )?

Over the previous two years, Reigel had built up a good dose of loathing for Curry, dating to a high school game between Curry’s Charlotte Christian and Reigel’s Charlotte Latin in 2006. The two rival schools played four times that year — twice in the regular season, once in a holiday tournament and once in the state playoffs. Latin went 0-for-4, including the one game Reigel couldn’t forget.

Just a sophomore and guarded all night by Curry, Reigel went to the free throw line, his team down one with four seconds left in the game. Curry walked by, looked him right in the eye and smirked.

“No pressure, Will,” Curry said.

Reigel missed them both.

And now, two years later, as Reigel is checking out Davidson, there’s Curry. Only the smirk is gone, replaced with a warm smile. Curry remembers his name, even asks Reigel about his high school team. “I’m thinking, ‘What the hell?’ I’ve held a grudge against this guy for two years, and now he’s the nicest guy in the world. Before that, I was probably the only guy that did not like Stephen Curry. Then even I couldn’t hate him.”

Who can? Curry is a two-time NBA MVP. His Warriors, in search of a second consecutive NBA championship, have a 2-0 lead as The Finals shift to Cleveland for Game 3 on Wednesday (9 ET, ABC). His appeal is global. His pregame warm-up routine a must-see event, much like his games. His jersey, according to the NBA, the most popular among all NBA players.

It all started at Davidson, where Stephen Curry first became Steph Curry.

It’s also where he was just a regular college kid trashing a fish tank at a local restaurant.

Wait — what?

Steve Rossiter looked around and did the math — 10 guys, five bucks a pop. All he had to do was one quick swim with the fish and pocket some decent money for a college kid.

But Rossiter needed help, someone to distract everybody from watching a guy swim in a koi pond in the middle of a restaurant.

Enter the innocent, baby-faced-looking phenom who had just led Davidson to within a shot of knocking off Kansas and a spot in the Final Four of the 2008 NCAA tournament.

So as Rossiter prepped for his dip, Curry turned to the hostess and offered a smile.

“While he talked, I got in,” Rossiter remembers. “The fish swam away. They were pretty big.”

Plotting how to discreetly jump into a koi pond while people enjoy dinner is rightly considered ridiculous and foolish: classic college stupidity.

It is also vintage Steph Curry. Never the initiator and rarely the actual prankster, the guard was always happy to set up his Davidson teammates, even off the court.

Need more evidence? See for yourself.